Changeling is the project Adventurous Imp is currently working on and is a point and click adventure game in which you have to change into different people to find out who you are.

The objective of the game is to get into the castle of the town you woke up in, to help a man in need. However, the castle is not accessible to common folk and the player himself doesn’t seem to be human at all. You have to find your way to the castle by talking to people, finding objects and giving them to characters who need them.


By doing so you will be able to do that what makes this game unique: copying characters. You can become another person and use their identities to solve the story based puzzles. I.e., to get into the castle you have to change into someone the guards know or, to get a girl to talk to you, you have to change into her best friend.

To copy someone, you will need to answer 3 questions about them. Once answered correctly, you are able to change into the person you’ve copied at any time and the characters in the game will respond to you as if you were that character. This will unlock new dialogues and new information, enabling you to go further in the game.


The complete game is planned to be around 4 hours long and will be created entirely by me, with the exception of the music and the sound effects.

The final game is planned to have:

  •  8 unique scenes, with both a day and night setting.
  • 14 different characters to talk to, of which you can copy 8.

The first demo was just completed and reviewed by Big Fish, who have provided me with some pointers on how to make the game connect better to their target audience,

So now I’m working on the second demo!

I’m always updating my personal Deviantart with artwork related to the game, so feel free to take a peek. You can find it Here.

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