Adventurous Imp

Adventurous Imp is an ambitious Dutch company that focusses on short games for a casual market. It was officially founded in January 2013 and is still a one-woman company.

To date, Adventurous Imp has released 3 games:

Camouflage (Mobile)



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Table for Two (web)


Changeling (PC)


Shifter (PC)


Jenny Klement

My name is JennifeJennyr Klement, or just Jenny for short, I’m 31 years old, a woman and I am the only person working at Adventurous Imp.

I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. My mother bought me and my brother a commodore 64 and we were hooked ever since.  We spent hours to create extra stories and challenges for the characters of the games and refused to play most of the games the way they were intended to be played.

Strangely enough while I was growing up it never occurred to me that pursuing a career in the games industry was actually an option for me. So I took a little detour first by studying Graphic design at the Grafisch Lyceum in Rotterdam.  After graduating, the urge to be creative in games became too much and I applied to the Utrecht School of the Arts to study Game Design and Development.

Apart from creating and playing games, my other great love is reading and creating manga and comics. In the past I have self-published 3 booklets of my ongoing story; Lost Souls and started and led a Dojinshi circle (a group of artists creating amateur manga) Nightmare Studio. It produced 3 anthologies and 2 solo booklets. We sold these booklets at national anime and manga conventions.

While I see myself foremost as a game designer, my strength in creating and designing games is that I am an all-rounder. I have experience in storytelling, creating art, managing a team, designing mechanics and even scripting. When designing a game I try to look at all these angles and get the most out of all of them.  I think games are a unique opportunity to entertain a wide variety of people and when designing games I strive to give these players a fun and meaningful experience to look back on. Even though most of my experience lies within designing for casual and short games, I am familiar with all the greater genres and basically play and analyse whatever game I can get my hands on.

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