Blog: Press Play To Pause

You might have noticed that Adventurous Imp went back to and old layout and the navigation menu has changed at the top of the site. More specifically, I’ve added a new menu option named Press Play to Pause!

Press Play is a blog inspired by the David Perry challenge, a challenge I’ve wanted to do for a while. It is a place where I’ll post my analysis and opinions on about various games that I’ve played. Specifically things that stood out to me or what I would change if I had the chance. The main goal for now is to expand my own knowledge, but I have hopes that it will be a place where the games can be discussed and knowledge can be transferred. But that all depends on you!

The reason Press Play is on the Adventurous Imp website is because both concepts are still small, I had a lot of space left and decided to combine these things!

I might still decide in the future that either blog deserves their own space and move press Play to its own site. but for now, I thought it would be enough to just separate both blogs on the same website.

Find Press Play to Pause here


David Perry Challenge – a game design challenge of playing and analysing 100 games. With rewards!

More content is always wanted, so if you have an opinion about games from a game design perspective and want to contribute to Press Play to Pause feel free to contact me

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